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18 -- Hoo boy

18 -- Hoo boy

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Welcome to Pilot and the Post-Zombie Apocalypse.

The most colourful and sunshiniest post-zombie apocalypse you ever did see. Five years since the shit hit the fan, things have more or less settled down. On a quest riddled with Crafty Bastards, Spartans, Pale Riders and a Death Twink; Pilot, Hadash and Fergus are about to discover just how odd the world can be. Updates on mondays

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Posted by jacx57
April 6th, 2011, 12:48 am
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Hello and thanks for popping by! This is something of a practice comic, so any feedback would be much appreciated. Plus it's always nice to know if someone's out there.

I'm aiming towards a once a week update for pages and yeah. See you next monday!

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